Heart Mandala Necklace

Archive pictures below....
(just added a new one...sept.22,10)

One of my mask creations

A commisioned fan w/ mostly double yel. headed amazon feathers from her bird
Close-up of a mandala
Hi...Welcome to my web site!
Welcome...to my web site!

I  now set up on s.congress in Austin,TX  - w/ my artwork:
sat. by Vespaio Restaurant...11-7
*will not be @ the market today-June 25.
sun. by food trailers...11-6
(across from Vespaio Restaurant)
also on 1st thurday-by food trailers......
...every week - weather permitting.

  I started working with feathers in 1980 -
and they have kept me in awe ever since.
I started by making masks, and my line has continually expanded. I now have a full line
of  Feather Creations.

I also work in the realm of music........started writing songs and playing guitar in 1971.....
shortly you will be able to listen to music from my CD while your here in my website.

I also offer a service: heartsongs....
check out my music page, info will be up shortly.

Another facet of my life is working with people ...
check out my massage & energy work page...

Have fun playing & exploring in my website.........
will be adding more artwork and information  on a regular basis.....

My intention is to
"Feather your day
in Beauty" 
"share the music of my soul"
Thank-you for your interest, feel free to share
Heart Song Arts
w/ your friends.............

"I want to DEEPLY THANK all of you
who have inspired me 
and all of you who have assisted me
in this wonderful process....."  
In Light and Gratitude,

* Photos of my artwork are taken by me...
unless  otherwise stated by the picture .
Heart Song Arts
Home of Feather Designs and much more by Barbara Dieckmann
photo by Mary Brice
Close-up of a mandala
Spiral Mandala Wall Hanging
A commisioned Fan